Endeavour’s ethos

Endeavour medical is passionate about delivering high-quality training and education that is directly transferrable to real life situations. Our team is composed of professionals with extensive experience in Leadership, Remote and Global Health. Endeavour faculty has led Polar expeditions, supported BBC Natural History productions, and currently advises on UK and International bodies.

Endeavour values

We value diversity in people and their passions.

We strive for sustainability with respect for the beautiful settings that we travel to. 

We advocate global equity and inclusivity enabling access to education for all.

Endeavour values your goals, your achievements and your needs and our team will work alongside you to achieve these.

How we deliver

Endeavour delivers an immersive experience to learning. We want you to confidently meet the challenges that working in remote locations presents. Our team offers more than medical knowledge; together, we explore the team dynamics, cultural nuances, human and environmental factors that enable you to adapt to each unique situation. Endeavour team has decades of experience in multiple extreme environments including mountain, jungle, polar and desert.

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