Sports Medicine Course

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Join the Endeavour Team in the stunning French Alps to gain knowledge and skills in Sports Medicine.

This one week course includes outdoor scenarios, workshops and lectures to give you the skills and confidence to provide medical cover at a sports event. The course culminates in the tough Tri Montagne triathlon where you will have the opportunity to work with the events team, athletes and coaches to give you live experience as a sports medic.

You will work with elite athletes, coaches and physiotherapists with Olympic experience.

sports medicine and tri montagne triathlon
elite athlete swimming in a mountain lake during a triathlon

Sports Medicine Course Outline:

Reviewing the legalities of sports medicine and your roles and responsibilities as a sports medic.

Looking at the approach to the injured casualty, human factors and leadership in managing your team and surroundings.

Practical workshops will review joint examinations with top tips and tricks from experts in the field.

Management of trauma is a vital part of sports medicine and we will use lecture and high fidelity scenarios to hone trauma skills. This day will include head and spinal injuries, fractures, dislocation and splinting.

Sports medicine is a progressive field. We will look at advances in sports medicine, new treatments, updates in anti-doping and WADA guidelines.

We will discuss opportunities in sports medicine from pitch side cover to extreme adventure races.

The wider team: As a sports medic you are just one of the cogs in a much bigger wheel. We will work with athletes, coaches, physios and nutritionists to understand how we can work together to optimise performance.

Race Day! Today is Tri Montagne day and you will have the opportunity to support this event. You will consider medical kits at base and out on the route, race day logistics and give athlete support. … Or you can enter the event to gain an athletes perspective.