Remote and Restorative Courses

Please enquire for dates and locations: hello@endeavourmedical.co.uk

What we aim to achieve

The Remote and Restorative Course aims to enhance existing clinical and professional skills and restore enthusiasm for our profession. We deliver practical tools in resilience and mental health that can be used daily in personal and professional lives.

Our Remote and Restorative Courses have been funded by NHS Trusts in the South West to empower their healthcare employees. We’ve delivered courses specifically for Foundation Year Two Doctors, Consultants and Postgraduate Doctors in Training.

We’re always keen to work with other NHS Trusts to deliver Remote and Restorative Courses in your area. If you think you’re Trust would be interested then please contact us at hello@endeavourmedical.co.uk.


The course is delivered through a highly experienced faculty using simulation, workshops, lectures and open discussions, all taking place in a beautiful outdoor setting. The course provides clinical remote medicine simulation training with a focus on crew resource management (CRM), teamwork and leadership as well as structured mental health and resilience workshops.
Wellbeing and restoration is woven in throughout the course. Open discussions are encouraged during every session. The course is held off-site with evening meals and campfire chats enabling reconnection with our colleagues. Wellbeing activities such as yoga, nature walks and kayaking form part of our extra curricular content.

Why this matters

Our team is passionate about looking after our NHS workforce. We reduce any stigma associated with wellbeing and resilience, and create a culture of openness, support and strength. We deliver a restorative course that is engaging, fosters connection and ensures all participants feel valued and heard.

What our attendees have said

For more information on our course curriculum, logistics and costs please click HERE to download the course brochure